My name is Malc McGookin, and here are a few examples of my cartoons and illustrations. The up to date stuff sits alongside some older work, aimed at the US, UK and Australian markets, the latter being my main focus as I draw political cartoons for Brisbane’s Sunday Mail.

I'm a blues guitarist, FA registered football coach and avid conspiracy theorist.

Look around, click away to your heart’s content, I hope you enjoy. If you want to enquire about commissioning some work , leave a “hello”, or complain that my dog* is crapping on your lawn, you can leave a message for me on the Contact page. I respond very quickly. I like drawing and I like challenges. Surprise me.

HOWEVER. Please DON’T tell me about your limited budget, nor try to persuade me that working on your project is light on pay, but big on exposure. All that means to me is you’re a time-wasting asshat. I mean that in a caring way.

*I don’t have a dog



Single Gags

Strip Cartoons Corporate/Illo




Ronald Searle was a Japanese prisoner of war. THAT’s worth telling people. Otherwise a cartoonist’s bio isn’t likely to offer up scintillating insights to the lives of the well-heeled or well-known.  

Born in Kilwinning, Scotland

 Former Danger Mouse animator, I cut my teeth on gag cartooning in the heady, glory days of UK mags like Weekend Magazine, Titbits and Reveille. 

Clients, past and present include Punch, Private Eye, Prospect, News Of The World, People Magazine, Picture Magazine, Guardian Newspapers, Morning Star, The Sun, The Mirror, The Star, National Museum of Australia as well as freelance editorials for Fleet Street and a long-running daily strip for the Manchester Evening News.

As an animator I worked on DM, Count Duckula and other Cosgrove Hall series, graduated to scriptwriting, then to directing animated TV series in Sydney, Australia, working with ZDF in Germany and Childrens Television Workshop (the Sesame Street people) in the USA.

Presently working as an editorial cartoonist as well as an animation director/producer for the corporate sector.

There, I told you it was boring. Go look at the work.


Oh, and  9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!!